About company

RETELA is a not-for-profit organisation ensuring services for producers and importers of electric and electronic equipment. RETELA is operating  a country-wide compliance take-back scheme in the Czech Republic.

Following services are ensured by RETELA: collection, transport and treatment of used electric and electronic equipment as well as portable batteries.

RETELA compliance scheme is operated by RETELA, Ltd. which was founded on 11 May 2005.

The main aim of RETELA compliance scheme is to protect environment and human health with ensuring of an efficient as well as effective system of collection and recycling of electric and electronic waste (WEEE).

With joining RETELA, the producer´s obligations regarding separate collection, take-back, treatment, recovery and disposal of electric and electrnoic equipment are ensured.

Our values
  • Meeting ecological standards during the entire process of take-back of electric and electronic equipment, portable batteries and photovoltaic panels.
  • Involvement of disadvantaged people in social workshops. 

RETELA is involved in following European institutions:

WEEELABEX Organisation, we are cooperating with the European organisation PV Cycle

Official company documentation (in Czech):

file Registration

Registration for historcial EEE

Registration as an operators of photovoltaic power plants