About company

WTtech.CZ can offer high quality products and services in connection with development, research, design and delivery of test and measurement equipment including measurement and control software. WTtech.CZ is a system integrator of the National Instruments company.

WTtech.CZ company was founded by specialists with long experiences in experimental aerodynamics, development and research of test facilities like Wind Tunnels and its accessories.

A modern aerodynamic laboratory with all its sub-systems involve practically all types of technologies as for instance controlling of Fan-Drive systems, multi-axis mechanisms or traverse systems, data acquisition and processing systems. Data can be acquired from different facilities and devices at various frequencies (from ones of Hz up to tens of kHz). By applying the latest technologies and tools a fast and cost effective realizations of projects to be according to the client´s requirements. WTtech.CZ is prepared to offer you services of high quality and based on long experience, that will help your projects to be sucessful.