Contract and registation documents in English for your information. For registration only documents in Czech version shall be accepted.The Czech documents shall be filled in upon receiving pre-registration form. Please contact us.

Electric and electronic equipment

Step 1 - Authorised representative services   (documents to be signed)

file __Contract-AR-Smlouva-POZ-CZ-AJ.doc
file Annex 2 - currency declaration 
file Annex 3 - Authorisation (Power of Attorney)
Annex 4 - Contact Persons

Step 2 - Registration documents

file Contract on Collective Performance.pdf - to be signed
Annex 1-TradingTerms
Annex 2 - Current weight price list  - for your information only, do not send to us
fileAnnex3- Identification pf Producer
Annex4- Power of attorney   - to be signed
fileAnnex5 - Contact details
Annex 6 - Labeling
Annex 7 - Logo  - for your information only, do not send to us
fileAnnex 8 -Consent of Producer  - to be signed
fileWay of Sale and trademarks - form

Batteries  (all documents to be signed

file Battery-Contract - to be signed
file Battery-Annex- Plna moc
- to be signed at 2 places
file Battery-Annex4   (fill in only in case you import lose batteries
file Battery-Annex5

Reporting guidelines

ífile Reporting Guidelines - electric and electronic equipment
file Reporting Guidelines - portable batteries

Treatment partners
Guidelines for interested treatment partners -_WEEELABEX

Legislation - Czech Republic (in Czech language)
Act on Waste n 185/2001 Sb.,
Decree 352/2005 Sb., o take-back of electric and electronic equipment and financing

Battery legislation

EU legislation
file WEEE Directive

Norm 50419 - waste bin

file Logo KS RETELA

Norma 50419 - popelnička


Documents in Czech language