European Cooperation

RETELA has been a full member of WEEE Forum - European association of compliance schemes for already eleven years. There are  32 members of WEEE Forum nowadays, which represent around 17 000 producers and importers of EEE in Europe. WEEE Forum has been developing activities in the field of electric and electronic equipment as an important partner of European institutions.


Key Figures - a project focused on analysing of data on amount of EEE put on market, take-back of WEEE as well as operational cost of the entire take-back of EEE - collection, transport, treatment, marketing, PR, etc.

RepTool - a project representing an unique system of evidence of the process of WEEE treatment. One of the major RepTool goals is a clear process of setting recycling and recovery rates.

WEEELABEX - a project on creating of a set of standards of WEEE treatment elaborated by WEEE Forum. Based on these standards, the European technical norms are currently developed by CENELEC – the European normative institution. WEEELABEX organisation has been founded in 2013 in order to manage this project. The General Assembly of Directors of WEEELABEX has elected members of WEEELABEX Board: Jaroslav Vladik (RETELA, Czech Republic); Christophe Pautrat (European Recycling Platform, France); Richard Toffolet (Eco-systèmes, France); Patrick Lampert (SENS e-Recycling, Switzerland); Wayne Copley (Repic, United Kingdom); Martin Fišer (Asekol, Czech Republic); Peer Lund-Thomsen (el retur, Denmark) and Marco Sala (Ecodom, Italy). Mr. Jaroslav Vladik was elected a chairman of this Board and has been active till 2016.