Reasons for chosing RETELA

Complex services are provided by RETELA

for producers and importers of electric and electronic equipment, portable batteries and operators of photovoltaic power plants


All take-back obligations are covered by one single contract

Which services are provided?

  • Registration to the List of Producers operated by the Czech Ministry of Environment
  • Issuance of a Certificate on fulfillment of producer´s/importer´s obligations
  • Submitting of annual report for previous calendar year
  • Recording, monitoring and tracing the flow of collected electric and electronic equipment from the collection places to the final treatment as well as ecovery of waste electric and electronic equipment 
  • Financing of handling with waste photovoltaic panels
Other advantages of joining RETELA compliance scheme

  • It is not obligatory to show the recycling fee for historical electric and electronic equipment visibly.
  • Current weight price list is applied.

Basic information on payment principles - we keep an eye on a cost efficiency

• Invoicing principles  without advance payment
• It is possible to invoice in EUR upon signing the payment declaration invoices can be issued in English and in EUR, bank fees have to be borne by the producer (option "OUR" has to be selected for bank tranfers)
• Possible to obtain the invoice in English YES
• Amount of recycling fee   calculated according to the amount of EEE put on market during the previous period

• Reporting frequency

once per each quarter (4 times a year)

• To know estimated price   

please send us estimated weight and group according to the Reporting group