Registered clients

They way of informing about any changes

Please do inform us about any changes regarding your company details within 30 days. The changes shall be made by RETELA in the List of Producers at the Ministry of Environment. Please contact us regarding following changes:

company name
invoicing or mailing address
contact person
change of reported/registered group
termination of import of EEE and batteries

If you wish to check  whether your company or your distributors are listed in the List or Producers, please enter the ISOH system  
n Czech language, in case  the access is denied, please try later on, it is not a fault of our web pages)

If you wish to check  whether your company is listed in the List or battery importers, please enter

Annual report

The annual report for producers and importers of EEE affiliated to RETELA compliance scheme including operators of photovoltaic power plants is submitted each year by 31 March for previous year. Printed version is available at our office.

Annual report for year 2016 for 1169 producers and 3389 operators of power plants has been submitted to the Ministry of Environment on 31 March 2017.

The annual report for importers of portable batteries has been submitted by KS Ecobat

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Would you like to make a pick-up order  (in czech) of your old electric and electronic equipment including batteries free of charge?

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