Collective scheme RETELA, s.r.o. 

RETELA is a not-for-profit organisation ensuring services for producers and importers of electric and electronic equipment. RETELA is operating  a country-wide compliance take-back scheme in the Czech Republic.

RETELA compliance scheme is operated by RETELA, Ltd. which was founded on 11 May 2005.


Following services are ensured by RETELA: collection, transport and treatment of used electric and electronic equipment as well as portable batteries.

The contract with Retela includes:

- Joint Performance Agreement
- Annex 1 Price list
- Annex 2 to the JPA General Terms & Conditions (GTC)
- Obligatory Appendices:   

Appendix No 4 to GTC Power of Attorney
Appendix No 5 to GTC Consent

-Not Obligatory Appendices:

Appendix No 3 to GTC Identification Data
Appendix No 6 to GTC Manner of Marking Products
Appendix No 7 Operator logo

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Official company documentation (in Czech):

file Registration

Registration for historcial EEE

Registration as an operators of photovoltaic power plants


file Logo KS RETELA